team strahltech GmbH: Your blast machines are in the best hands with us

You are operating blast machines? You are also looking for a proficient partner to take care of issues like maintenance and repairs of your mechanical equipment? In this case, team strahltech GmbH is your best choice. You will greatly benefit from our experience and knowhow in the area of blast wheel and air blast technology. To avoid machine downtime and to achieve optimum operation capacities, it is required to provide preventive maintenance and storage of replacement parts. Downtime of your blasting machine causes additional costs, extra time and a higher consumption of energy. We will help you to save time and money.

What we offer:

  • Proficient inspections of your mechanical equipment
  • Expert advice for repair work
  • Maintenance and enhancement of functionality
  • Supply of spare and wear parts
  • Repair, upkeep and modernisation
  • Dependable all-round service

Daily effort for your success

Our aim is to live by our guidelines. We want to satisfy our customers’ needs, that is why we give you the best available service and provide you with our products in best quality. In order to make sure that we act out to that promise, we work according to a quality management system. This system ensures an improvement of performance concerning the quality of our products and our services as well as our internal processes. Our daily effort serves our employees’ health to the same amount as it protects the environment. Of course, this is valid for domestic and international relations.

Do you have questions about our method of operating? Please get in touch with us.

Tel.: 0201 - 630 122 0